News on International Contest “The Fashion Tea”

Thanks to the vast partecipation of Fashion Blogger in this contest i announced to you thati’ll chosen among partecipants,instead of 4 collaborators,10 collaborators that write with my at The Fashion Tea!i hope you like my decision!it’s so great for me know all this style around the world!
The winners will be announced Jenuary 30 with a post on Dans la Valise!good luck Girls!!!!!!!!

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  1. That’s great!!

  2. Crossing fingers. XO XO

  3. OMG! How exciting !!!!!! :D:D

  4. Darling!!!
    you’ve got an award on my blog for your effort and dedication.

    you just have to create a new post thanking your prize, then you must to fill in a questionnaire and send that to 11 bloguers.

    ps: if you have troubles translating my questionnaire into English, just tell me and i’ll help you!

  5. Mi sono iscritto anche tra i lettori di The Fashion Tea!

  6. I can’t wait! =)

  7. Hi, Lexis!

    I’ll write my post for next Sunday then! Just in case I’ll confirm my email adress: or
    Can you give me yours?


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