A Clockwork Orange

Dear Fashionistas!today i’m feeling alternative!:)i love this look inspired to “Clockwork Orange”,the Stanley Kubrick’s famous film.Here i wear a Blue pinstripe suit American Woman,my dark laced boots bi Igi & Co and Accessorize hat..thanks for Gilly MK for make up!
I hope that you like it friends;)kiss!!!!

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  1. Super cool!

  2. Lovely post…!!!

    Tell me your opinion in my blog…!!!

    And if U want tell me to follow each other…!!

    With love Elpi xxx

  3. I love it! I dressed up like this in a Halloween party and I like very much this style.
    And the film…its gorgeous!

  4. Pazzesco šŸ˜€

  5. Powerful!!!
    Like very much!!!
    I’m following you blogloving and GF if you like take a look at my blog

  6. Il tuo stile mi piace molto! Questo outfit è molto sexy!!

  7. Cool photos!

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